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Salamander Momentry Pull Switch MPS

(Code: DD50129C)
Salamander Pumps
Momentry Pull Switch
£ 24.49
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  1. Description of Salamander Momentry Pull Switch MPS:

    Momentry cords work on an action similar to that of a pull cord switch, however what differentiates them is that when the momentry cord has been pulled it does not latch meaning that when the cord is released the switch becomes disconnected. The Salamander Momentry pull switch when pulled, activates the pump and increases the shower pressure allowing for a better overall showering experience. The cord is used for pumps without an automatic start, due to an insufficient flow. The cord should be fitted as close to the shower cubicle as possible to allow for easy accessibility.

  2. Features of Salamander Momentry Pull Switch MPS:

    ✔ Increases Water Pressure
    ✔ Used for pumps with insufficient water flow
    ✔ Simple yet effective conversion
    ✔ Easy Action