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Calmag CalFlush PowerFlush Machine CHEM-PF-CALFLUSH

(Code: 2292307)
Calmag CalFlush PowerFlush machine CHEM-PF-CALFLUSH. Powerflush unit to cope with 30l/min and 3 storeys
£ 799.99
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  1. Description of Calmag CalFlush PowerFlush Machine CHEM-PF-CALFLUSH:

    This product is the Calmag CalFlush PowerFlush machine CHEM-PF-CALFLUSH.

    This Powerflush machine is used to clean fouled central heating systems. The Water treatment fulfils a number of roles within domestic central heating systems which can be summarised as follows:
    ✔ To minimise the corrosion of metals within the system
    ✔ To inhibit the formation of limescale
    ✔ To inhibit the formation of the scale and sludge
    ✔ To inhibit the growth of microbiological organisms
    ✔ To maintain or restore the energy efficiency of the system through a combination of the above effects
    ✔ To neutralise and dispose of acidic waste safely, without damaging the environment
    The Calmag Powerflush machine comes with the following items:
    ✔ 2 x 8mtr Reinforced hose x ½" to be used for water inlet and dump
    ✔ 2 x 2mtr Flow & return hose - reinforced
    ✔ 2 x ½" Male - 15mm compression brass fittings
    ✔ 4 x ¾" Male brass hose tails
    ✔ Overflow cap
    ✔ Filling cap
    ✔ 6 x Jubilee clips
    ✔ Heating filter
    ✔ Powerflush pack (includes - Powerflush Extra, Rapid Cleanse & CM1-500)
    The unit has a compact design and is only 630mm high. It has been designed for easy and simple use so no need for external training session. It comes with the fitting and hoses for connecting it to heating systems.
    The Powerflush unit is compatible with all approved chemicals and it is ideal for critical applications requiring high efficiency pumps. The unit is portable and comes with a tank capacity of 36 litres.

  2. Features of Calmag CalFlush PowerFlush Machine CHEM-PF-CALFLUSH:

    ✔ Powerflush machine
    ✔ 30 litres per minute
    ✔ Up to 3 storeys
    ✔ Flow, reverse and dump valves
    ✔ Powerful motor
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